About rewriteU

RewriteU rethinks the way middle grade learners become better readers and writers. We provide one-to-one reading and writing classes through an online platform that blends traditional in-person tutoring approaches with robust, web-based technologies to enhance learning.

The driving force behind rewriteU is to twofold.

First and foremost, we want to make the reading and writing process enjoyable for your child.


We know that getting your child to read and write more can be a challenge, beginning from the moment you start talking about selecting a book to read or a topic about which to write. From our carefully selected collection of books in our reading comprehension classes to our writing classes that value your child's voice and opinions, we make sure each detail is customized for your child's ability and enjoyment. Our classes are designed to be thorough but not overwhelming; it's important to us that your child experiences growth in ability, confidence, and joy associated with reading and writing.

Second, we are setting out to address a few problems in both the traditional classroom and tutoring.

The trouble with traditional schooling. As our teacher knows first hand, even in a classroom as small as 15 students, it is impossible to customize a curriculum to meet each student at his or her ability level. Some students fall behind, other students must wait for classmates to catch up, and in the end, no one is served as well as they should be. We provide one-to-one reading and writing classes and customize these classes to your child's ability, regardless of whether your child earns straight A's and wants to be challenged or lacks interest and needs a little extra help.

The trouble with in-person tutoring. Though traditional in-person tutoring can be effective, we believe this model can be improved upon in two ways. First, by leveraging a robust, web-based platform, your child can participate in our classes from anywhere with an internet connection. We remove the stress and inconvenience of driving to and from sessions and finding times that work with increasingly busier schedules. And, our teacher knows from first-hand experience that, when used correctly, technology can truly enhance students' learning. Fast feedback, live documents, video mini-lessons, clear organizational methods--these features allow students to spend more time deliberately reading and writing. Second, our teacher saw that the most effective way to teach reading and writing was in one-on-one settings through short, targeted mini-lessons. Rather than hour-long, traditional tutoring sessions, she realized that 5-10 minutes of instruction or feedback prior to her students reading or writing yielded the best results. Her students were spending most of their time reading, writing, and taking ownership of their learning. So we have modeled our learning sessions based on these best practices she has honed over the past six years.​

Our goal is simple: We want to support and inspire the next generation of readers and writers.


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Marena joyfully taught English for the past six years in Northern Virginia. She earned her Bachelor's of Arts degree in English at Dickinson College and went on to earn her Master's of Science degree in Education at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, focusing on reading, writing, and literacy. She has presented on several National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) panels and has had some of her work published. As the teacher of rewriteU, Marena designs the curricula, manages the technology, chooses the books, reviews student work, and ensures each child receives an individualized learning plan that keeps parents in the loop. Learn more about Marena and her motivation behind starting rewriteU here.


Like any school, rewriteU needs a good janitor to ensure it runs well. Matthew is a practicing corporate attorney at an international law firm based in Washington, DC. He earned his Bachelor's of Arts degree in International Business and Management at Dickinson College followed by a JD/MBA joint degree at the University of Maryland. Matthew sweeps the floors, takes out the garbage, and provides operational support for rewriteU.


Marena and Matthew live with their two sons on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.