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Weeks 3 & 4: Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Over the last ten days, we've stayed busy at rewriteU. From a front-page article, to a number of productive meetings, to students signing up for our classes, we continue to be invigorated by the excitement building around this new adventure and humbled by the insight, advice, and support those around us are offering.


We were thrilled to be featured on the front page of the Fairfax County Times and are especially grateful to reporter Angela Woolsey for taking the time to learn about rewriteU and writing such a thoughtful piece.

After our moment in the spotlight, I set out on a week packed with meetings:

First, I met with a local teacher to explore the idea of creating curricula alongside classroom teachers to be offered as a supplement to everyday school work during the academic year. We're seriously considering offering this option, as I have long felt that extra help and enrichment during the school year is most effective when directly complementing what's happening in the classroom. Stay tuned to learn more about this potential avenue we're exploring!

I also met with Elizabeth Carberry, a friend, female entrepreneur based in DC, and fellow Dickinsonian. Liz founded ArtSee in 2011 and began specializing in branding, creative consulting and full service event design and management in 2016. Liz offered me invaluable insight from her own experiences starting and managing new businesses; from social media advice to tax tidbits to thoughts on better understanding our market to staying confident about our product, Liz touched on it all. I left our meeting feeling better equipped to tackle all of the moving pieces of rewriteU and ready to get our next meeting on the calendar.

The highlight of this week was meeting with a former student to hear about summer enrichment classes she had taken, her high-school application experience, and her first year in high school. I wish I could say I was impressed by how organized and helpful she was, but I fully expected our meeting to be extremely productive based on the kind of student she was in my class several years ago. Her excitement and belief in rewriteU (and me!) left me feeling more encouraged than any front-page article could.

Thanks for reading and following along with us on our journey. We couldn't do it without you!


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