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How To: Punctuating Compound Sentences

As every teacher knows, the end of the school year is incredibly busy! So, I've been spending most of my time focusing on my current students and their writing. They just finished writing timed literary analysis essays on Six Great Sherlock Holmes Stories (complete with thesis statements, topic sentences, textual evidence, citations, and more!) and are preparing to record audio versions of their very own This I Believe essays just like politicians, athletes, moms, taxi drivers, and more began doing in 1951 with journalist Edward R. Murrow. We'll be having our own "radio show" of sorts in the classroom while we work on some other projects throughout the upcoming week.

Due to time constraints, I've momentarily stepped away from spreading the word about rewriteU and have instead focused on creating the curricula for my summer students whenever I have a spare moment. I've also secured childcare for baby Jack for three days per week so that I'm able to have time to focus exclusively on my summer students. I'm sad to be leaving the classroom, but every time I sit down to work on rewriteU, I am hit with the excitement over creating one-on-one curricula for my new students.

While I don't have much in the way of updates for rewriteU, I do have a punctuation tip that will help writers everywhere. And, with all of the writing and captioning we do on social media about our personal lives alone, we might as well consider each of us as a writer!

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