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Our First Summer: A Recap

Don’t let our hiatus from blogging and social media fool you; rewriteU had a wonderfully packed and fulfilling first summer!

Between a fully booked schedule of rewriteU classes all summer long and trying to maintain some semblance of family life with a one-year-old and baby on the way, social media and blogging took a backseat. While probably inadvisable from a marketing standpoint, this allowance gave me time to be on my game as a teacher, a parent, and a partner. It also allowed me to truly enjoy the rewriteU experience and life with my family.

I’m hopeful I’ll get to the point of being able to add more regular posts into the mix soon, but as summer is officially over and baby number two gets ready to arrive, I just had to make time to send out a short update, because this summer was REALLY exciting.

If we’re being honest, Matt and I believed in our rewriteU model, but we weren’t certain of how others would receive our idea. Matt had even prepared me for the possibility of having to make our first few classes free in order to gain traction. Much to our excitement, we had students registering for classes from day one, and we actually had to start classes two weeks earlier than intended due to demand. We also had many requests to extend our official summer end date.

We lucked out and—after some last-minute scrambling—had childcare lined up for the day after my school year ended, so I was able to get right to work. After practically running to get Jack to childcare (and slowing down significantly as my pregnancy progressed), I raced home to start reading novels, providing students with feedback, recording mini-lessons, and creating individualized assignments based on student performance. As the time went on, I grew more efficient, and I think it’s fair to say I enjoyed every moment. There were late nights and early mornings, but Matt was enormously helpful, despite his own exceedingly busy schedule as a corporate lawyer.

As a teacher, I absolutely love the model. I find the one-to-one online classes much more personal and interactive than I ever imagined, and I love getting to know students purely through their questions and writing. As a result of their diligence and desire to improve, our students showed improvement as they read and wrote: From trying new annotation strategies to carefully collecting evidence for literary analysis essays, our students absolutely and tangibly grew as readers and writers.

We have just a few weeks before baby number two arrives. After figuring out how life will work with two little ones, we plan on rolling out our winter offerings to begin around Thanksgiving, so be on the lookout! We also have some ideas on how to scale rewriteU and make our classes available to students from low-income households.

Be on the lookout for our winter classes and future plans. We'll also be featuring some excellent books in the coming weeks for readers young and old compiled by our superstar summer intern.

Thank you for your support!


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